How long has K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen been open?

K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen opened its doors at 416 Chartres Street on Tuesday, July 3, 1979.

Does K-Paul’s take reservations?

Yes, since 1993. Guests are able to make a la carte reservations for parties up to 25 via our regular reservations department. Reservations are accepted up to a maximum of one month in advance. Parties larger than 25 are accommodated through K-Paul’s Catering Expedition

Does K-Paul’s serve lunch?

Yes! In honor of our 30th anniversary and in tribute to our original deli once located on the second floor years ago, K-Paul’s now serves lunch “deli style” Thursday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Menu items reflect our inherent philosophy regarding fresh ingredients while being geared more toward our local lunch crowd. For more information, or to place a deli to-go order, dial (504) 522-8880.  Click HERE to see the most recent deli-style lunch menu.

How long is the line these days outside of K-Paul’s?

The historic line of waiting customers outside of the restaurant largely decreased following our renovations in 1997. Our remodeled facility, which once had a seating capacity of 62 guests, now accommodates over 200 guests comfortably at a time. In 2004, we totally eradicated the line by allowing our waiting customers to wait inside at the bar and retail areas.

Does K-Paul’s still require community seating?

No. In our early years, when we only had 62 seats and several hundred people waiting to dine, we encouraged guests to share a table with other waiting diners to accommodate as many hungry patrons as possible. However, since our renovations, we can easily offer appropriate seating for your party, provided the reservations for the evening do not restrict it. We are often surprised by diehard K-Paul’s fans who remember community seating and still request it! We can only graciously oblige.

“I’ve had blackened dishes at other restaurants and did not like the heavily charred spices. What else does K-Paul’s offer besides blackened dishes?”

We get this question a lot. First of all, Chef Paul Prudhomme invented the blackening process. Unless you have tried our blackened dishes, you really have not had authentic “blackened” food from its birthplace. We find that our guests who ask this question and try blackened items at K-Paul’s prepared by chefs who were trained under Chef Paul Prudhomme quickly change their opinion of blackening. However, if some other experience with blackened food outside of K-Paul’s has scarred you for life, we offer other fabulously delicious options. See our sample menu for examples of what we offer.

Does K-Paul’s offer parking?

For our dinner service only, two hours of validated parking is provided based up availability at the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel located on the corner of Chartres and St. Louis Streets. We do not offer validated parking for our deli lunch service.